18 Fantastic Treehouses

This is cool, i don’t understand the wolf pelt hanging on the wall in that picture? Is that supposed to be cool or what?

Moss and Fog

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Via FastCo Design:

The appeal of tree houses is fairly obvious: seclusion, sustainability, coziness, communion with nature. Of course, often times those are qualities that are felt rather than understood–there’s a reason that, for many youngsters, the first real architectural impulse is to want a nest among the trees. But tree houses can retain their magic for adults, too. And as a gorgeous new book from Taschen shows, when that childhood dream is realized with grown-up resources, the results can be truly stunning.
Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air is a 350-page tome that collects 50 diverse tree houses from around the globe. In some cases, the structures are houses in the truest sense; one section is dedicated to the Kombai tribe of Indonesia, who build homes at dizzying heights of over a hundred feet in trees in the foothills of the Jayawijaya Mountains. Others are built for specific activities…

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