My first blog post (ever)!


Hello, welcome to my blog!

I have never made a blog before. The whole experience is exciting and new!  I just want to tell you guys a bit about myself. I am 18 years old and yearn to start truly living. I have very few passions but the few that I do have are my mantras. I live, eat and breathe my passions.

I am very passionate about protecting the planet, I love nature beyond all else.  Plants and animals have always been the center of my life. I am a current biology student majoring in Zoology and Ecology as well as minoring in Earth Science. I am going to finish certification to become a Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist.  After receiving my PhD in Zoology I plan on working with any animal that has been negatively impacted by humans in anyway. I am absolutely fascinated by the ocean and I find its mysterious and beautiful. I teeter between focusing on primates and marine mammals but truly if could do anything, I would work with every animal I could. All life is truly amazing.

While this might seem obvious, ill mention it anyways.  I am a very devout vegan. I believe in protecting and revering all innocent life. Animals are among the most innocent forms of life on the planet. If any amount of lives should be killed by the billions, it should be humans: we are the ones causing destruction and havoc to the world. My main reasons for being vegan is first and foremost, to protect animals and protect the planet (I’ll hit up on this later) but through my dietary choices, I have found the field of Nutrition to be extremely interesting!

I am a giant science geek, I love science-especially anything involving earth or life. I love music and have a wide variety of music that I listen to (mostly hovering around the pop genre).

I also am an outspoken atheist. I do not believe in super-natural beings or fantasy of any sort. I stand for the knowledge of science and unlocking the keys to the universe. I want everyone to feel comfortable on my blog so I will warn everyone that there will be the occasional atheist comment or post, I will do my best to keep all the topic’s on my blog clear and concise but don’t be surprised if I mess up somewhere!

That’s the basics of me! Expect recipes, photos, opinionated post’s and comments, animal and science discussions. Feel free to contact me through my number or any social media, just say hi!


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